Presentations & Publications

  1. WSFH Conference Presentation (October 2013)
  2. Graduate Exhibition Poster (April 2014)
  3. Interview for Penn State News (August 2014)
  4. Mapping Decadence: From a Hunch to a Website.” Journal of Map & Geography Libraries: Advance in Geospatial Information, Collections & Archives 11.1 (May 2015): 80-90.
  5. “Mapping Decadence.” Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing Annual Conference (“The Generation and Regeneration of Books”), Longueil/Montréal, Canada. July 2015.
  6. Websites referring to my project: GIS Education News Weekly, Successfully Published, Anterotesis: DH GIS Projects List, GeoHumanities Special Interest Group.