Creation of Mapping Decadence

For more information about the creation of this digital mapping project, check out my article, “Mapping Decadence: From a Hunch to a Website.” published in the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries: Advance in Geospatial Information, Collections & Archives 11.1 (May 2015).

Beginning with the questions that led me to the project in the first place and concluding with my plans for expanding the project in the future, the article offers a roadmap of the trials and triumphs that come with digital humanities mapping projects. It also demonstrates the crucial role played by library resources—human, physical, and digital—in making this project a reality. And it discusses the place of Mapping Decadence in the wider landscape of digital humanities mapping projects.

Since the publication of this article, however, I have been reworking the website and the maps so some of the information about the maps, as well as the pictures of the maps, no longer correspond to what is displayed on the website. The data is the same though.